• Brad Shapiro is my hero. He's the perfect blend of heart and head. He's always been one of my first calls anytime I'm stuck or need some thoughtful, grounded advice. Brad and Jabber Five have helped us navigate several complicated deals that without them likely wouldn't have happened.

    — Thibault Manekin, Co-Founder
  • Once we made the decision to expand ROCA to Baltimore, we needed to find a home. Jabber Five welcomed us to Baltimore City. It never felt like they were our landlord, but more like one of our partners in setting up operations in another State for the first time.

    — Molly Baldwin, Founder
  • Our family appreciates the opportunity to invest in Jabber Five’s deals. They provide us with a great alternative to just investing in the stock market. Brad and his team know what they're doing and they've produced for us.

    — Neal Fruman, Principal
  • I met Brad during my time as a student at The University of Baltimore. He volunteered to mentor our graduating class's real estate pitch competition. I was immediately overwhelmed by his expertise and kindness as he went out of his way to help ensure our project's success. Brad continues to be a huge resource and mentor to both our real estate and construction companies.

    — Haydon Wyatt, President
  • Working with the team at Jabber Five, I really admire their professionalism, long term vision and their commitment to being a part of Bel Air’s economic growth.

    — Trish Heidenreich, Director of Economic Development
  • Over the years, it's been a great experience helping Jabber Five buy and sell properties. They know how to get deals financed and to the closing table.

    — Tom Mottley, Senior VP & Principal